Linton first met John around 1993. He'd been invited by some friends to watch a band called " Drew Larg and The Buzzards " playing at Chambers Bar in Dundee.

Drew is a great singer with a ton of charisma and the place was jumping, however, it was the guitar player who caught his attention. Back then, Linton was an Elvis impersonator and had just found his James Burton. That guitar player was John Ford, who Linton would later learn had toured with James Burton. Or as John would say " He Kens me! "

A friendship was formed, and the occasional musical collaboration would occur, including the trio " The Memphis Tennis Three ".

29 years later, in 2022, Linton was doing a show called " The Kelty Clippie ". He had the lead male role and they were booked to do a show at The Kings Theatre in Kirkcaldy. A warm-up act was required to sing a few Scottish songs. Linton asked John if he could help, and they learned a short set. The theatre was sold out and they went down a storm. They just looked at each other afterwards and " The Heilan' Coo Boys " were born.

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The Birth of The Heilan' Coo Boys